Friday, September 16, 2011

College Football - Week 3

The Iowa State Cyclones meet the University of Connecticut Huskies on Friday night.

There were some surprises that happened in the college football landscape in Week 2.  But for the teams I mentioned last week, my predicted winners won and the predicted loser lost.  So I was at a 100% again.  But for the spreads I did ok but wasn't spot on.  My top ranked team, Oklahoma had a bye week so that was easy on me.  The bottom feeder, San Jose State, lost by only 10, where I had a loss by multiple touchdowns.  I missed that spread by a bit.  But for the BIG GAME, the Iowa State Cyclones hosting the Iowa Hawkeyes, I predicted a win by two from the Cyclones.  As it turned out it was decided in the third overtime,  Iowa State beat Iowa by three points.  No matter who won, it was one of the most enjoyable games that I've attended in a long time.  But that chapter has closed and it is time to move on to the upcoming weekend.

The Oklahoma Sooners travel to Florida State on Saturday.  This is the marquee game this weekend.  I believe that this will be a very tough game and a very close game.  Since they are playing on the Florida State Seminoles home turf, I think that the Sooners will walk away with a loss by around a field goal.

The San Jose State Spartans host WAC foe Nevada.  The Nevada Wolfpack has started out 0-1, but I believe that they should be able to handle the Spartans with no problem.  The Wolfpack will win over the Spartans by a 4+ TD margin.

The Iowa Hawkeyes host Big East power Pittsburgh.  The Hawkeyes have a lot of questions on both sides of the ball and I'm sure that the Pittsburgh Panthers will be ready to play.  So I believe that it will be a close game but the Panthers will beat the Hawkeyes by less than a touchdown.

Finally, the undefeated Iowa State Cyclones travel to Connecticut to face the UConn Huskies on Friday night.  This nationally televised game is very important to both teams.  The Cyclones are overall playing better than the Huskies so my prediction is that Iowa State will win but by another close margin of less than a touchdown.

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