Friday, September 9, 2011

College Football - Week 2

The New CyHawk Trophy that won't be used. (Anyone need a doorstop?)

The second week of college football is upon us and here is how my predictions panned out for last week. Oklahoma was to win by 4+ touchdowns and won by 33 points. San Jose State was to lose by 4+ touchdowns and lost by 54 points. Iowa was to win by 4+ touchdowns and won by 27 points. Iowa State was to win by 3+ touchdowns and won by 1 point. So I got all of the winners and losers correct but only got the spread right on half of them. Maybe I can improve on that...

Anyway this week in my rankings I have Oklahoma retaining their top status. But this week is a bye week for the Sooners so they will have to watch any football on the television.

San Jose State retained their bottom ranking and this week they play UCLA which isn't all that great either but I believe that the Spartans are so bad that they again lose by 4+ touchdowns.

Saturday is the "BIG GAME" for the State of Iowa. The University of Iowa Hawkeyes will square off with the Iowa State University Cyclones in Ames. The last couple of years have been all Hawkeyes but even with the scare that Northern Iowa gave the Cyclones last week, I believe that Iowa State is improving with head coach Paul Rhoads. Since the Cyclones play at home, I will be a 'homer' and predict that Iowa State wins by 2 points, 30-28. Hopefully I will be correct and watch the Cyclones keep whatever they have for a trophy this year.

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