Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going to the Grotto

This past weekend most of the family (minus the daughter who was wandering around in Yellowstone) packed up and headed to West Bend, Iowa for a class reunion. We stayed at an excellent bed and breakfast north of town called Prairie Oasis. I would recommend Prairie Oasis to anyone who is staying in the area.

My wife's class reunion was good with over half of the class being there. I personally knew a few folks there but since I wasn't from the area I didn't know many people, so I basically followed her around kinda like a big puppy dog.

In West Bend there is a religious shrine next to SS Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church. It is called the Grotto of the Redemption which was started almost a century ago by the priest at the church as a thank you to God for helping the priest through a very serious illness. That priest worked on the Grotto for a number of decades and the Grotto is still a work in progress. It has a number of grottos which depict scenes out of the Bible. Any Christian will appreciate and learn more about their faith at this shrine.

I hope that all Americans had a wonderful Independence Day!

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