Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mississippi River Tour

Dusk on Harper's Slough, a backwater of the Mississippi River

Last night my wife and I went on a couple hour Mississippi River boat tour at Harpers Ferry, Iowa. It was a group tour with a group from the Clayton County Democrats. We had a potluck and a short meeting and then we went on our cruise. We went up and down and around the various backwaters of the river with the captain of the boat telling us different stories of the history and ecology of the river. When on the main channel of the Mississippi we went up below the lock and dam at Lynxville, Wisconsin. Then we returned via a series of backwater sloughs.

It was a very enjoyable time and I would recommend a tour if you are ever in the Northeast Iowa area. Their website is www.maidenvoyagetours.com

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful day!

Grace and Peace to you all.


Wells Page said...

Hey you, Kathy and I are practicing on your blog. Bloggy Bloggy Bloggy

Kevin said...

At least this little corner of the blogosphere is good for something.

Kathy, welcome to the 21st century!