Saturday, July 12, 2008

A beautiful Saturday and I'm inside thinking....

This is the cross and statues that are atop the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, Iowa.

Yep, it is Saturday afternoon, the kids are outside playing and I'm inside on the computer. So what gives? Why am I in here? Well I was to lead church services at a campground in Clermont, Iowa tomorrow morning. But the manager called and said that they weren't going to have services because they weren't done cleaning up the mess that was made when the Turkey river overflowed and created havoc in part of the campgrounds, they haven't reopened the section that the services are held in and they may not reopen it this summer. But since I had already written a rough draft of the sermon I was going to give, I thought I should finish it and see if the worship leader at the Episcopal Church of the Saviour would like me to give it tomorrow at Church since the priest is on vacation this month.

The Gospel text is the parable of the sower from Matthew. It is one of my favorite parables. But as always, how do I write something that makes sense to someone else. What I've written makes perfect sense to me but making sense to others is always my problem. So I'm doing another draft to try to refine it some more.

Peace & Grace to all!

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