Monday, April 18, 2011

Watching out for those gray days...

Today starts the third week of my official permanent layoff from my employer. It has taken me a couple of weeks to really come to terms with it and what it means to me.

At first I was really upset, angry even, about the dysfunctional leadership at the company. My employment was not ended by my manager but by the CEO, COO, & CFO of the company. The only thing I can think of about why I was terminated was that I have a tendency to ask questions and some of those questions are hard ones, especially about finances of the company and why certain things were happening within the company.

After the anger episode I went on to what seems like my trusty companion of depression. My mood became gray, a lot like the days have been of late. Feeling like I was starting to slip into the clutches of depression, I've decided to fight. Not fight my former employer because I wasn't really happy at my job, but to fight the depression and see what is good about this change. I've sent out many resumes but haven't gotten much in return.

Then last week, I heard about an opportunity through my sister for a part time position in the real estate/banking industry. It may not pay as much as I've gotten in the past but it does provide flexibility in the schedule. That flexibility will be crucial as I look to start taking seminary classes and do more in ministry as I slowly plod towards priesthood. Also, it appears that my Mulefoot pork business is finally starting to take off. So I will be able to get some income from my hogs instead of having a bunch of expensive pets.

I am still on the watch for those gray days, but here and there, a sliver of sunshine is starting to break through.

And that feels wonderful!

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