Saturday, June 28, 2008

Newest Additions on the Farm

Our newest additions on our little patch of earth here in Iowa is five piglets that one of our Mulefoot gilts (Lolly) had a couple of days ago. She is being a good mother and all of the piglets are doing well. The eldest daughter took Lolly to the county fair last year and received a trophy for best 'exotic livestock' presentation. The piglets will be weaned by fair time this year so she wants to take at least two of them up for this year's exhibition.

I am attempting to hold the fort down here while my lovely wife is off chaperoning a trip to Atlanta with some high school kids she teaches, my eldest daughter is off in Colorado Springs at a 'coin camp', and the older middle daughter is in Yellowstone with her cousins. That leaves me with the three youngest which has made for some interesting times. Thankfully I have a great mom who will watch them when I can't and the college aged daughter of some friends who has been able to take the kids to their various activities this week. Going to Church tomorrow might be an interesting time with the youngest......


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